About Us

YAPIT İNŞAAT SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş. has been established in Istanbul in 1984. YAPIT CONSTRUCTION has a rapidly growing corporate structure with the capital, manpower, efficient work and technological adequacy. It has taken the place it deserves, among the reliable companies of the since its establishment.

The main field of activity of our company is the contracting activities extending from housing to villas, from mass housing to industrial zones, from office buildings to hospital buildings, hotel and renovation services . Our company has been continuing its contracting activities both locally and abroad for more than 30 years to this end. Our company has been realizing higher quality, safer and faster works with our power of experience of years using the developing technological solutions. It is our most significant purpose to transfer these experiences to the future. The ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2004 Environmental management system, OHSAS 18001:2007 Labor Health and Safety Management System certificates of ours reflect the importance that we give to quality understanding. In projects implemented by YAPIT CONSTRUCTION, the fundamental principle of "cost-time-quality" is preserved at all stages from commencement to completion of the project. YAPIT CONSTRUCTION has become a preferred company for architects, designers and customers thanks to its experienced, successful, stable and continued presence in the field of construction. YAPIT CONSTRUCTION serves its international customers with offices in Libya, Kazakhstan, Russia, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan.

Improving our success and experiences by constructing buildings that comply with developing construction technologies, improving our activities in our country and international markets within an escalating graphic, and preserving a sustainable growth in the construction sector.

Our Vision

Our mission includes becoming a reliable corporation respecting the environment, attaching importance to quality service understanding and customer satisfaction, through preservation of its fundamental principle of “cost-time-quality in the construction sector and reflecting the developing technology on the sector providing solutions to the training needs of its employees and continuously developing and renewing itself.

Our Mission

Yapıt İnşaat San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. aims to fulfill customer satisfaction at the highest level and ensure its continuity at his field of operation together with his employees.
In order to materialize this we commit to achieve the following;
• Documentation, certification and continuous improvement of our quality management system in order to fulfill the requirements of standard, • Creating a quality, environment and work safety
Awareness among all employees, • Fully meeting the legal liabilities regarding applicable standards, technical specifications, administrative legislation and terms, construction techniques and regulations falling under field of operation,
• Constant supervision of activities that are required to be performed at every stage commencing at contract stage until completion of works,
• Supply of quality materials compatible with standards,
• Considering and evaluating performances of sub-contractors and suppliers from whom services will be taken,
• Following technological developments and benefiting and implementing such developments to the maximum extent,
• Working with environment, occupational health and safety awareness in all projects,
• Reviewing our business processes with self-evaluation process and determining approaches that limit performance increase and development,
• Increasing productivity in all our processes to a competitive level, in accordance with the continuous improvement awareness,
•Offering efficient solutions as soon as possible and ensuring customer satisfaction in accordance with the customer expectations, .
And the contribution of all our employees to the works necessary for the continuous improvement and effectiveness increment of our “Quality Management System” in all these scopes.

Quality Policy

Yapıt İnşaat San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. agrees to comply with applicable legislation and requirements on the subjects of Environment, Occupational Health and Safety.
In accordance with such policies, we undertake;
• to perform activities needed for ensuring that all our employees, and business partners gain awareness on the subjects of environment, occupational health and safety,
• not to impair ecological balance with our operations, and to take actions necessary for preventing environmental pollution,
• to perform studies on the subjects of environment, occupational health and safety where potential risks will be identified in advance, and to take actions regarding identified risks, • to plan and implement operations related to waste disposal and recycling ,• to take actions against negative impacts of factors that threaten occupational health and occupational safety, • to comply with statutory obligations, legislations and requirements of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety in force,
• to take actions that would minimize environmental risk factors at our workplaces and in our projects, to plan all implementation operations in a way to prevent potential environmental pollution and use necessary sources accordingly,
• to work efficiently in order to provide natural living areas for future generations,
• to constantly develop on the subjects of environment, occupational health and safety.

Our Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Policy